Friday, 7 October 2016

Runaway Robot

hello my runaway robot is from the military but when his team mates were in the war he was left behind he felt sad. He tried hard to find his team but wherever he goes he can’t find them. then something happened to him he got shut down by the captain and then a man could dusty mayroon found him. the robot and dusty mayroon became best friends and then the robot and dusty made a campney but then. The Captain  came and he said i want to have my robot back and dusty said no so they fighted. over him but then dusty grabbed a pistol out and the captain grabbed one out to. And they both shoot the robot and then dusty shoot the captain and then dusty fixed. The robot and then they played tag and then they went to sleep. But well dusty was sleeping someone grabbed him out off his bed and dragged him to the military but they didn't know that he was fake sleeping. And he had backup with him because the robot was following them to the home base and since he was made from the military. So he was angry and he shoot everyone and then nothing happened they slept and that's the end for now .