Friday, 24 June 2016

london eye

The london eye is a scary ferris wheel that is 120 metres tall it is spacious at the top off the london eye and it has outstanding views it is comfortable ride and you need to machines to control it and make the ferris wheel go round and round and you can take pictures at the top to its amazing.

Friday, 17 June 2016


A long time ago there lived a taniwha who ate anyone sailing past in their boat but when it was sunny the taniwha would go back down into the sea and when it was day time tamarereti would be hungry and his tummy would be rumbling. So tamarereti would go into his boat and get fish and he got 3 large ones. but then he got tired and went for a nap  but suddenly the wind was strong he went to a different island. So he was still hungry he got out one of the large fish out and ate it but some glistening pebbles where on his boat so he sailed home and he throw them into the sky. To keep him safe from the taniwha and he made it home safely and went straight to sleep and when he woke up he sore the  god of the sky he fotht he was going to be punished for throwing the glistening pebbles. Into the sky but the god of the sky said you made the sky more beautiful so i grant you to the heavens and tamarereti was happy.