Wednesday, 13 April 2016


When I was on stage I was shy and excIted and overjoyed I also had butterflIes In my stomach  I was trembling and stressed out.I got caught up on the stage that I forgot the moves to I was scared because I was on the edge of the stage and I thought I was going to fall off the stage.                                                           

I felt funky wIth my costume I Iiked my costume because It had blue on It and It was cool and strong and handsome my cool costume was soft. I felt  amazIng I was a amazIng because I looked lIke a warrIor on stage and I was shy too I felt  bright lIke a warrIor. I dId kapa haka and tradItIonal I felt pretty cool and I was joyful and as I walked off the stage I gave my mum and my baby brother a bIg hug.

Friday, 8 April 2016

swimming at the pools

Through the water me and my class were learning how to swim. Swimming in the water we learnt how to breathe. I Think  swimming is fun.