Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Term 1 Animation - Respect

This is my Animation about respect we could show respect by looking after people.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Duffy Assembly Recount

Duffy Assembly Recount
WALT: Write a recount with the right structure
WALT: Use interesting words to make your recount more exciting

Introduction: 3 sentences
  • Hook
  • What is the story going to be about
  • Who, what, where, when, why
Melanie, Ashley, Duffy
Have you ever been to a Duffy show? Well I have and I am going to tell you what happened. On Wednesday 7th February teams 4 and 5 went to the school hall to watch the Duffy show. There were three characters and their names were Ashley, Melanie and Duffy.  
Body: 3-4 sentences
  • What happened first?
  • How did we get the assembly?
  • Where did we sit?

1.They were talking about the story and they ask people if they new what the story was.

2. We walked to the assembly and we stopped a couple of times cause peolple were talking in the line

3. Everywhere.
Body: 3-4 sentences
  • What happened in the assembly?
  • What was the Duffy assembly about?
1.the story was about sport and they were like it was them in that story
2.the duffy assembly wasabout being a good sport in life and about being a sore loser that's what the story was about.

Body:: 3-4 sentences
  • What was your favourite part of the assembly?
  • What do you think the main message was?
1.when when we arrived to the assembly it was fun . be a good sport in rugby and in soccer and also not to be a sore loser.

Conclusion: Two sentences
  • What did you learn in the assembly?
  • How did the assembly make you feel?
  • One final sentence to sum up your recount
1.That reading books are an adventure and fun
2.good and exciting and that when i read a book it will make me feel like im o n adventure with book.

Now that you have made a plan, it is time to write your recount in full sentences. Start your writing here: even tho i did not go to the assembly i know what it the feeling its bein bored and being excited but still you gotta like what did for  you and everyone else you know so that's my recount.