Wednesday, 16 September 2020

algerbra problem

there are 4 people in sams family the sum of their ages is 73 sam's father is 3 years older than his mother. sams sister is 2 years younger than him. but 4 year ago the sum of the ages of everyone in sam's family was 58.

how old is each of them now 

sams dad is 34

sams mum is 31

sam is 5 

sams sister is 3 

34 + 31 + 5 + 3=73

but 4 years ago there age amounted to 58 

sam dad is 30

sams mum is 27

sam is 1

so the answer is 30 + 27 + 1 = 58 

A thousand words?


the quest


Wednesday, 9 September 2020


 hello this is my symmetry turtle,me and my friend drew this turtle this was also a fun activity for maths

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

The Battle of the Shark and the Octopus

 the battle of the shark and the octopus in the old ages of mankind there lived taukau he could transform into a shark and he was one of the reef guardians who protected the reef as well he was brave strong and fear less but he was to prideful of himself and that's what would be his downfall he went around to all. The other reefs and harming the other reef guardians for there place he showed to much pride on being strong but then that's when suva one of the gods of the reef he could transform into an octopus he did not like the way takuaka was treating the other gods so they had a duel the battle made fierce waves. Blowing all of the tree's down suva had enough so grabbed taukau with his tentacles and it taukau realised the power gap between them and that's when taukau gave up and swore never to harm anyone again.Octopus vs Shark | RNZ