Monday, 29 June 2020


-maori new year celebrating?maori new years happens while nearing july 2 and ends nearing july 13 this event is also known as matariki many people in new zealand are aware of this celebration many people don't celebrate this because they either don't have the time or just don't want to i don't care because thats other people's decision not mine.

-should we celebrate this? the matariki stars showed when the maori new years were the taking place sometimes people can't see the stars and it is considerd to be bad luck in maori culture sometimes the star's dont even show because of the whether or you. Just can't see them but if you can see the stars you don't get good luck either i think there also activity's happening in community's but since. I've grown out of this so i think if you haven't went to this event you should so yes i think you should go to this event

Thursday, 25 June 2020

samoan independence

which graph

Which Graph? Name:

WALT- Analyse data in graphs to answer questions

Using the graphs above to help you answer these statements below.


True or False or Can’t Tell

Clearly shown on Bar Graph, Pie Graph, Both or Neither

40% said their favourite activity is going on holiday with their family.


bar graph

Going to holiday programmes was a more popular choice than playing with friends.


pie graph

A quarter said their favourite activity is playing with friends.


pie graph

People like to take their friends on family holidays.



10% more said their favourite activity is playing with friends than said playing with computers.


pie graph

Together being on holiday with family and playing with friends makes by more than half the votes.


pie graph

The most popular activity was going on holiday with family.


bar graph

A third said their favourite activity is going to holiday programmes.


pie graph

Twice as many people picked going on holiday with their family than picked going to holiday programmes.


pie graph 

relationship graphs

narrative writing

Begin Writing Here:

once upon a time there was a forest filled with wonderful things but then 200

years later it grew big and sort of weird like the year was 2500. There was a man who wanted to explore the big forest, His name was Cube He was one of the best explorers in the world. He once captured a lion, how cool is that besides that back to the story then off he was to go explore the big jungle. But when he entered he couldn’t believe what he saw it was a big gigantic tiger and he was about to quit until .

The moment he built up his courage and ran right outside he said. I'm a failure if i can’t fight a gigantic tiger then i don’t deserve to be an explorer so he sat at his house drinking juice and lemonade he got some calls from his friends and they encouraged him to get back on his feet and so he did, A few months later he went back to the jungle .

The battle: he had a big water gun (we do not condone the use of real guns) he looked the tiger right into his eye and said i am the best explorer ever you dumb cat and then shot him in the eye the cat was not happy and charged after cube, that's when cube felt so scared that he was about to oh no he did pee his pants the cat jumped up and saw cube and when he was about to eat him a lion came and pushed the tiger onto a big rock the tiger hit his head on the rock and then he was out cold the lion wanted to help humans and protect them so cube kept the lion and they fought giant animals together.

The future: fast forward two years later and cubes lion is taking some of his final breaths the reason why is because when cube found him he was 12 years old so now that it's been 2 years the lion is at it’s passing age cube was sad that he couldn’t control his emotions so on that day that he packed up his stuff went back to the forest to go get a cup of water from the tree of life he said to the lion don’t worry i’ll heal you so just stay alive for me ok, lion was so happy to hear that. (The tree of life isn’t real so please do not try to find it)

The past: Well cube was walking thru the jungle he remembered the first time he met the lion and started crying but he still was walking thru the jungle until yes he sees the tiger he met two years ago but this time cube had an idea it was 50/50 chance of it working but he tried he grabbed lots and lots of leaves of the trees around him and used some blood from the tree’s also known as Pterocarpus angolensis its sticky and it’s also sort of like glue so this was his plan.

The plan:he was using the leaves and tree blood to make a boulder look like a bush so then when the tiger comes, cube can drop the boulder on his head causing him to get knocked out so then the third thing he needed was a rope to tie onto a stable tree to be continued...

(this stunt was performed by professionals so please do not try this at home)

My lockdown experience

Today we made a chart about what we did during lockdown some of us spent more time with family some of us baked.

The main thing i liked about lockdown was cooking playing board games and just being lazy and watching netflix. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

taha tinana - Fitness & hygiene

our physical bodies need to stay fit and clean our families and homes are where we learn the basic but important steps for this.

here are 5 examples of what happens in my family.

1.we have race's
2.we play touch
3.keeping healthy by not eating junkfood
4.brushing our teeth
5.having a shower everyday